Conrail work train YPMA-95 spotted on Southern Secondary

Under watchful eyes, Conrail work train YPMA-95 crosses Second St. in Lakewood, NJ, on Conrail’s Southern Secondary. What’s so special about a work train in the rain? Well, two things; this work train, picking up old ties lying beside the right of way, originated in Manville Yard in Manville, NJ, some 60 miles to the northwest of Lakewood (quite unusual to get a movement here from that far away), and, this is an SD40-2 on the Southern Secondary, which is nearly unheard of in the Conrail years (post-1976).

The Southern Secondary is a lightly used (3-4 times a month) line running from Red Bank to Lakehurst, NJ, over the former Central Railroad of New Jersey mainline, and Conrail rules dictate that only 4-axle power is to be used on sidings to serve the few customers that remain on the line. Since this train only traversed the ‘main’, if you will, no rules were ‘broken’, and this six-axle unit is a very rare and welcomed sight on this dreary spring day.

Image recorded June 5, 2009.

Conrail work train YPMA-95 spotted on Southern Secondary

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